Wheelies Motorcycles has a full service custom motorcycle and repair shop that specializes in vintage and antique bikes. We can do anything from full ground up customs, to complete engine rebuilding, or just basic repairs and maintenance. We specialize in british and american, and our shop can fabricate nearly anything you can come up with. 


Need upholstery? We can do all motorcycle upholstery in house, including fabrication of pans, foaming, and stitching in any material or pattern imaginable. 


If you have an old bike your looking to get work on, or just a question for our shop, contact us!


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1968 Triton 


Frame: Modified 68 Norton featherbed


Engine: Triumph unit, 750 aerco big bore, megacycle cams


Carbs: Dual Amal


Transmission: 4 Speed, Hayward Belt drive


Wheels: Dual 19", Atlas rear, twin leading front drum


Tank: All alloy


Seat: All alloy/Leather by wheelies


Extras: Joe Hunt Magneto, alloy oil bag/battery box, Road holder front end, All work done in house. 

1958 Triton

Frame: Modified Norton Wideline featherbed

Engine: 1958 Triumph thunderbird 650

Carb: Single Amal

Trasmission: Triumph pre-unit

Wheels: Dual 18" Alloy, atlas rear dual leading front drum

Tank: All Alloy

Seat: All alloy/ Leather by Wheelies

Extras: Manual advance magneto, John tickle top triple clamp, roadholder front end

1942 Harley WLC


Frame: Original wlc


Engine: Rebuilt 45 ci flathead, built in house


Carb: Rebuilt Linkert


Transmission: Harley 3 spd, tank shift, rocker clutch


Wheels: Dual 18" star hub originals


Tank: 3.5 Gallon tank shift 


Seat: Original pogo leather seat


Extras: Auto advance distributer, Original 45 springer

1942 Harley WL


Frame: Original


Fork: Restored original 45 springer


Engine: Rebuilt 45" Flathead


Carb: Linkert


Transmission: Rebuilt 3 speed, jockey shift foot clutch


Wheels: 21" star hub front, 16" star hub rear with wheel cover


Tank: Narrowed 3.5 gallon harley tanks


Seat: Old leather, Upholstered in house


Extras: All fab work done in house, chopped oil tank, magneto, short drag pipes, wassel rear fender and flanders bars


1980 Shovelhead Chopper


Frame: Stock Front, Gus weld on hardtail


Engine: 80Ci Stock Shovelhead


Carb: S&S Super E, Mini filter


Transmission: Stock 4 speed ratchet top, Shaved belt primary


Wheels: 16" Rear, 21" Spool Hub Front


Tank: Flamin' frisco mounted sportser


Seat: Custom king and queen done in house


Extras: Stainless sissy bar, upswept exhaust, z-bars, shaved wide glide

1968 Shovelhead


Frame: Early panhead straightleg


Engine: 1968 Shovelhead stroker


Carb: Dual throat webber side draft


Transmission: 4 speed ratchet top, shaved belt primary, rivera clutch


Wheels: 16" Star/mechanical drum, 21" Hamburger drum


Tank: Crusty original wassell


Fender: Crusty original wassell


Seat: Done in house, with old leather


Extras: Old sissy bar, modified one piece pan risers, wheelies handlebars, original panhead tank, Squish pipe exhaust with velocity stack tips, all fab work done in house, foot clutch, jockey shift, high controls meant for little people


Shovelhead Chopper (Giveaway bike)

Frame: Old chopper rigid frame

Engine: 1977 74ci Shovelhead 

Carb: S&S Super B

Transmission: 4 Speed ratchet top, kick and electric start

Wheels: 21" front, 16" rear, avon tires

Tank: Frisco sportster

Seat: Leather cobra, fiberglass pan. All made in house

Extras: 4" over dual disk narrowglide, drag pipes, chrome sissy bar, J-Brake          master cylinder. Bike was built for 2 year anniversary party giveaway 

Triumph T-100 Tiger


Frame: Triumph front, aftermarket rigid rear


Engine: Rebuilt T-100 500cc


Carb: Amal 


Transmission: Triumph 4 speed


Wheels: 16" Rear, 19" Front


Tank: Frisco mounted sportster tank


Seat: Custom done in house


Extras: Custom sissy bar, aftermarket springer, mini oil bag, mid mount controls.

1974 BMW R90/6


Frame: Stock 


Engine: Fully rebuild 900cc


Carb: Stock


Transmission: Rebuilt


Wheels: Raw aluminum shouldered rims, rebuilt hubs


Tank: All original


Seat: Custom seat/pan done in house


Extras: "Resto-mod" build, everything new or restored, custom acewell guage sunk into headlight bucket, hagon shocks, upswept reverse cone exhaust, stainless fenders, triumph tail light. 

Shovelhead Chopper


Frame: Aftermarket, stock straight leg demensions


Engine: Aftermarket 80Ci Shovelhead


Carb: S&S Super E, Teardrop Air cleaner


Transmission: 4 Speed Ratchet top


Wheels: 16" rear, 21" front


Tank: Dual cap mustang tank


Seat: Sprung solo seat made in house


Extras: Stainless sissy bar, springer front end